mini update

mmm its been a while since ive updated my blog. just writing a quick update on how i spent my days in the month of july ;]

july 4/5- LAX heading to seoul, south korea
july 6- went to 경복궁(gyungbokgoong), one of the palaces in seoul
july 7-went to 인사동(insadong). went to a place called 쌈지길(ssamjigil) where alot of artsy fartsy handmade things are sold. very cute street full of tourist,small shops, and art galleries.
july 8-went around the place is stayed. went to 건대 (gundae) and went shopping
july 9- went to the seoul zoo and went to 강남(gangnam) to eat dinner and site see
july 10- went with my aunts preschool to the countryside and played by a river
july 11- went to 잠실 (jamshil) and went to a bookstore and then headed to my grandmas birthday dinner
july 12- went to 시청(city hall), 명동(myungdong), and 남대문(namdaemoon) site seeing, ate lunch, and bought something small for my mom
july 13- went to the national cemetary to visit my aunts husbands father. he fought in the korean war and passed away so we went to show our regards to him. also went to the gravesite of koreas past president. after we headed to the department store and went shopping and ate lunch
july 14- went to the national museum and saw the history of korea.
july 15-went to 양구(yangu). yangu is located in the center of all korea (north and south) and its north of south korea. alot of soldiers are located here and my uncle had a vacation house here so we went and slept over for 1 night. it was in the countryside and i honestly did not enjoy sleeping there. too many bugs….
july 16- came back from sleeping over relatives in countryside and just stayed home
july 17-went to 삼성역(samsung) coex mall with my cousin and went shopping
july 18-went to korean costco (sooo cool) and stayed home
july 19-went to 이대(ehwa university) and 홍대입구(hongik university). went shoe/accessories/cosmetic shopping
july 20-went to 동대문(dongdaemoon) and went clothes/accessories shopping
july 21-met up with a church friend who currently resides in korea. ate dinner and had dessert twice
july 22-went swimming at 광나루 (gwangnaru), had dinner near 신대방(shindaebang) and went to 여의도(yeoido) 63 building and 한강(han river) just because ;]
july 23-went back to 동대문(dongdaemoon) with cousin at night to buy something for my cousin in america.
july 24- went to everland AND IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY ;]
july 25- ate lunch with my family for my bday and went to han river to hangout/play in the water fountain show thingy. after went to grandmas house and ate dinner all together
july 26-went to lotte department store and our aunt bought my sister, my cousin, and me shirts and something for my mom
july 27- went to emart to go last minute shopping
july 28- went to incheon airport and headed back to LA.

july 29- stayed home all day and organized and cleaned my mess i brought back from korea. jet lagged like crazy ;P
july 30- went to LA to go shopping with my friends
july 31- had a birthday dinner and a suprise birthday party ;]
august 1- church
august 2- watched despicable me and went to tgif with friends ;]

mmm well thats my small update of what ive been doing this past month. just came back from korea and ill be busy til school starts. errr how exciting hahaha ;]

ill update my blog with a better entry next time. just wanted to post what ive been doing this past month since ive been MIA ;]